Meet A Cidery: Whiskey Barrel Cider Company

Meet the Cider Maker: Whiskey Barrel Cider Company

To wrap up celebrating National Cider Month, The Growler Guys gained an exclusive interview with the Cider Maker of the Whiskey Barrel Cider Company. Trent Maier gave us the 411 on the booming cider industry and talked about how Whiskey Barrel has created and maintained a distinctive hard cider.

Trent Maier started out as a hobbyist cider maker during his college years. After working as an electrical engineer for a short time after college, he decided to attend culinary school. Culinary school was the venue that gave him the confidence to pursue his passion in cider making. Together, Trent Maier and his best friend Brian Augdahl, harvested their dream and entered into the commercial cider industry.

Whiskey Barrel Cider Company has been in operation since May 2011. They stand out as a leader in the cider industry and a pioneer in the recently formed and ever-evolving world of hard cider. Their cider company is based upon a dedication to maintain the original flavor of apple variety used for fermentation. The fermentation process can easily create a product that is too sweet or too dry.

The Whiskey Barrel primarily uses dessert apple varieties to produce their hard cider. This process involves creating a base product from a blend of apples. The type of apple used varies, but Red and Golden Delcious, Gala, Granny Smith and Fuji are amongst their favorites to use in creating fermented apple wine.

Trent admits that running their cidery in their chosen method is not the easiest way to produce hard cider. But what is easiest is not always best. The challenge “to maintain an edge… but stay true to our style…” is what Trentis most proud of at the Whiskey Barrel.

Trent’s goal is to eliminate the stigma associated with mass produced ciders. Cider companies are known for having a singular cider, or different ciders with the same taste. The Whiskey Barrel works hard to create ciders that are multi-faceted and that carry an individual taste. The Whiskey Barrel offers a wide variety of ciders that taste unique from each other, while encompassing a well-balanced flavor that is seasonally relevant.

The Whiskey Barrel Cider Company is easily distinguished by their stick figure logo. Look for one of the Whiskey Barrel Cider Company’s many ciders at your local Growlers Guys!




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