The Labor Of Love Lager

A Collaborative Brew amongst Two Companies Founded on Heritage: The Labor of Love Lager

This Labor Day, The Growler Guys recognizes the working man and woman and the working people’s beer with our Labor of Love Lager. This collaborative beer between The Growler Guys and Widmer Brothers is a Helles Lager with Noble Hops and German Malt and 5% ABV. It’s lite, it’s enjoyable, and it’s our tribute to workers all across America.

What better way to bond with one of the greats in the craft beer industry than by brewing beer together? That’s why The Growler Guys teamed up with Widmer Brothers, a native Northwest brewery located in Portland, OR to craft a special brew just for you! The Widmer Brothers have been a part of the craft beer movement since the 1970’s. What started as two brothers brewing beer out of their home for friends and family became one of the biggest craft breweries in the United States.

The Labor of Love Lager is a Helles Lager, which means it’s an old style, classic lager. This style lager was born shortly after the official creation of Labor Day, on March 21, 1894. In fact, Oregon was the first state in the U.S. to recognize Labor Day as an official holiday, in 1887.

According to the German Beer Institute, this lager is unique because of its ability to be both lite and bold-tasting at the same time. In German, ‘Hell’ actually means ‘light’ as in color. So, while its lite complexion might make it appear weak, it does in fact have a bold full-bodied taste. In Bavarian tradition, this beer should be enjoyed with a thick, creamy-white head served in a mug-style glass.

Beer and the hardworking citizen are synonymous with the United States. America was built on hardworking families, and this hardworking beer celebrates that. This crafted beer has its roots deep in history and its flavor flowing with richness.

Liberate Your Taste Buds This Labor Day with our Labor of Love Lager

We feel the birth of this great beer and the birth of a well-deserved celebration for the working class were too good to separate – so, we invite you to celebrate them both at your local Growler Guys. Grab a growler full, or just a pint, of the Labor of Love Lager this Labor Day weekend. Our kegs will be tapped on Friday, September 4th, but our celebration will continue all weekend long with this specialty tribute beer.

Happy Labor Day weekend from The Growler Guys!


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