Would You Like A Beer With That BBQ?

We’re bbq-pairing-the-growler-guys-blogin full swing of barbecue season in the Northwest and we’ve scoured the web to give you the best barbecue beer pairings just in time for your Independence Day celebrations. Click on the links to get full article!

There’s nothing more American than a burger on the Fourth of July; that’s why Serious Eats suggests IPAs for burgers. “Malty, sweet, plus spicy hops, earthy, citrusy, or even tropical, and the bitterness is strong enough to cut through the fat and clean your palate and gets you ready for your next bite.”  Burger Paring

Beef Kabobs
Making beef kabobs? The California Beef Council, The Beer Factor Blog suggests a nice cold porter or full fruity ale (if you want a lighter touch) when grilling vegetables and red meat together. The porter and fruity ales are good especially with smoked meats.

Hot Dogs and Sausages
The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council has a whole nifty guide with recipes you can download. Some of their suggestions are Andouille goes best with Ginger Beer or a wheat- based White Beer, Bockwurst goes best with White Bock Beer and brats go best with Pale Ales. Hot Dog / Sausage Pairing

Beer can chicken or jerked chicken recipes pair best with a saison according to Epicurious. They state that “the subtle citrus notes, fiery heat, and aromatic spices of the classic Jamaican dish play nicely with the saison’s peppery notes and lemony accents.” Grill up our recipe for Maple Spicy Mustard Chicken

If fresh seafood will be gracing your outdoor grill Matching Food and Wine suggests picking up wheat beers. They consider them flexible and very similar to white wine. Seafood such as crab, mussels, oysters and clams mess well with the citrus notes of many wheat beers. Grill up our recipe for Grilled Shrimp Tacos

Verlasso asked beer experts what to pair with salmon, and they suggest IPA for salmon.
“They cut through the richness of the fish. The hop character imparts a floral aroma with flavors of citrus and grapefruit.” Verlasso

Grilled Vegetables
For the vegetarians that grill, Serious Eats suggests to go simple with crisp pilsners because ‘German and Czech hops in these beers tend to be floral, earthy, grassy, or lightly lemony in flavor, all of which nicely complement vegetables.” Grilled Veggie Pairings

Are we making you hungry? Head in and pick a growler to pair for your next BBQ.

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