News for Residents of Richland, WA

New Growler Fill-Station in Richland
110 Gage Blvd, Ste. 204
(Across from Bonefish Grill)

Richland’s 51,000 plus residents get to experience craft beer like none other. It’s because the Growler Guys®, who are making a name for themselves as THE ultimate growler-fill station in Bend, just opened shop across from Bonefish Grill.

Their savvy tap list is sure to please craft beer fans and newbies alike featuring more than 30 beers and ciders from local favorites to hard-to-find specialties. A Sampling of Beer on Tap in Richland, WA

Spread the news…tell friends and family to stop by for some of the freshest craft beer around:

  • Sample as many brews as you would like
  • Explore new beers with the guidance of our certified beer stewards
  • And fill a 32-oz or 64-oz growler to go—for later enjoyment!

This opening follows just a month after the Growler Guys in Eugene opened. Talk about fast expansion. Talk about a winning concept that is just taking off!



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  1. Hope you guys know that saying “sample as many brews as you would like” is an open invite for the liquor control board to fine you. also giving away beer is against the law too.. just thought you guys should know.

  2. Greetings from Australia. My American girlfriend just passed on your site to this beer guzzler (me). So the next time I visit the Tri Cities, I’ll certainly pop in and say G’day to the blokes and the sheila’s..

    As an aside, I’ll explain what a “growler” is in Australian slang when I’m there…

  3. Bought my first growler from “anywhere” today at the Richland location. When all said and done the growler fill was a full inch below the 64 oz. mark for a premium Widmer product. People were great, growler fill by a new guy not so great.
    Is this the norm??

  4. When will Spokane get a store? I love growler stations, they are great way to find out what you really like in beer.

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