Become an Exclusive Member of The Growler Guys®

The Growler Guys® Growler Club is a beer lovers club, limited to the first 50 people who sign up at your local store. Your Growler Club membership is good for the entire year of 2016, so the sooner you buy, the sooner you start saving!

The Growler Guys® Growler Club is only $99 and includes:

• An exclusive membership with The Growler Guys®

• A limited edition t-shirt

• A limited edition, stainless steel, 64 oz growler

• $1 off every growler you fill when you use your official club growler

That’s right, you get $1 off of each growler fill when you fill your limited edition Growler Club 64oz growler (limit 1 per day). This means that if you fill up your limited edition growler once per week, you would save $52. If you fill up your growler twice per week, you would save $104; that alone makes up for the price of your club membership.

Sign up at your local Growler Guys from December 18th to January 31st. Remember, your local store runs out of memberships after 50 people sign up. Be one of the 50 exclusive members of The Growler Guys® Growler Club before memberships end!

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  1. Hey Growler Guys:

    I really love your stores, and my wife loved the idea of getting me something from Growler Guys for Christmas. So when she saw the text about the Growler Club, she hurried in to find out more. When she heard about the deal, including a 64 oz. INSULATED growler, she purchased a membership for me. One of the most important selling points of the club was the INSULATED growler. I had often expressed an interest in taking some good beer camping, and that an insulated growler would be a great way to do this. She was even given a gift certificate that describes the growler as INSULATED (she was given this gift certificate because none of the items listed in the membership, such as the growler and the t-shirt, were available yet.
    Imagine my surprise and disappointment when we picked up our growler tonight, only to find that it is just a UNINSULATED 64 oz. jar.
    Can you please explain why you advertised the growler as insulated, and substituted an uninsulated growler instead?
    Needless to say, I am seriously considering returning my membership for a refund.

  2. Oh man that’s messed up… I signed up to be an exclusive member today and I didn’t get a cool tshirt… I left feeling sad… I guess I’ll just drink my hundred dollar beer…:(

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